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   Davin Clemons

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About Davin

As a native Memphian, a fighter for equity, philanthropist, advocate and proud resident of District 6 for nearly all of his life, Davin has been committed to service of the community. Whether it’s through his work as a police officer, as an Ordained Elder and minister, as a passionate advocate for all people, as an entrepreneur, radio show host and magazine publisher.  He's sought to help make sure Memphis was a place where people feel like they belong, are safe, and that they can thrive.

Davin was born in South Memphis, graduated from Central High School, obtained his B.A. at LeMoyne Owen College, his M.B.A. at The University of Arkansas in Fayetteville, and his Masters and Doctoral Degree at Memphis Theological Seminary.


Davin is a 16 year employee as an officer for the Memphis Police Department, and a resident of District 6.  Davin has seen this district and this city from every angle, and it’s that unique experience and outlook, those deep roots, that make him the leader District 6 needs.




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