Paid for by Campaign to Elect Davin Clemons, Rashaun Nickleberry Treasurer


  • Improve relations and partnerships with the city unions and employee association.

  • Working with business partners, have more jobs, guaranteed for Memphis residents and our trades and craft unions; commitments to affordable housing set-asides; good wages and benefits.

  • Connect Memphis youth in the school system to the jobs that are being created in our community.


Policy Platform


  • One of the first things to combat crime is to give people options to keep them out of it in the first place: good jobs, vocational training opportunities, and development that prioritizes hiring and benefits for city residents and youth.

  • Cut back on recidivism, and give people a chance to get into the workforce.

  • Work with city and county government to help develop a jail-to-job vocational program.

  • Ensure a well compensated and supported police force.

  • Cultivate better partnerships in the community to expand neighborhood watch and programs.

  • Create simple fixes such as increasing street lights. 



  • Create a shelter the homeless can access without having to panhandle to pay an entry fee for one thing.

  • Expand options for the people who our shelters currently won’t take.

  • Strengthen the non-profit and philanthropic community, as well as our existing institutions and service agencies.

  • Make available services for especially vulnerable populations—women and children, teens, LGBTQ youth, and people dealing with mental health issues.<